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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Health Professionals Need SEO to Stay Competitive Online

Every Business Needs SEO to Stay Competitive Online

Most businesses spend money on advertising marketing and promotion of their business to prospective clients or how does anyone know that your business exists. A business promotion may be anything from a leaflet drop to TV advertising and everything in between. It would be hard to find a business that didn’t commit some time and resources to some kind of promotional activities.

What is The Best Form of Advertising?

The best form of advertising for one business will not be the same for any other type because every business is different with a different client base with different habits, expectations, and needs. Could be a totally different demographic. Some people don’t spend any time watching TV and other spend hours a day watching TV. These people are most likely reached by TV advertising.

Nowadays, the average Jo Blow spends time on the internet. They have a computer or laptop or maybe only a phone. Whatever device a person has, if its connected to the internet through the phone or whatever, you are likely to use a search engine to find stuff.

Who Has The Best SEO

When you do your search online the websites that come up at or near the top are the most likely ones to have SEO services to them. These services are usually provided by an SEO company or agency that have a level of in-house SEO expertise.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and in our case, we are talking about optimising a website for search engines. What the hell does that mean?

What is On Page SEO

SEO is usually divided into two categories. There are two main types. There is on page SEO which is all about how the website is structured and tweaked and then there is Off Page SEO which is really all about PR activities away from the website which leads to publications and particularly backlinks to your site. Both these 2 types are equally important, however, the first one being done the right way will make the second type much more effective.

Although according to Google it is against their terms to try in any way to manipulate search results, just about every website on page one of Google will have had at least some form of SEO.

seo for business online

SEO is Very Big Business

Firms all over the world are realising that being on page 1 of search engines will bring traffic to a website. You can get there immediately if you pay Google and run Adwords through Google. This can also be very expensive unless you really know what you are doing.

If you in business for the long term and your website is there for the long term it pays to hire and experienced SEO. The benefits of good SEO are page one rankings where all that lovely organic search traffic is looking for your products and services. The rewards being on page 1 are great, especially in some industries. It is well-known fact that even a local business will benefit from being on page 1. When you have a website on page 1 for multiple search terms, you could say that you are dominating Google in your niche. The goal is to come up No 1 when anyone searches for your products and services – go get an SEO